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Entry #8

Review'n and Douche'n

2011-03-15 01:23:52 by Nomader

So, I've decided to sort of make an actual comeback to Newgrounds on sort of a serious level. I'm going to try and get involved in the Review Request Club, it seems like a good way to get back into the way of things here and to help authors improve their work.

I decided that since I was coming back to Newgrounds, I'd glance around at what I was like when I was fourteen or fifteen. Man, was I an annoying asshole. I read one thread where I got into a flame war with some guy for absolutely no reason, and another where I just seemed like an annoying statwhore. Anyways, I love stats, but they're really just here for fun-- this is a hobby, not work. If I ever stepped on your toes in the past, this is my apology.

Peace out everyone, and I look forward to reviewing your stuff.


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